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10th year of festival of alternative and world musicand theatre
in Grabštejn castle in Chotyně near Hrádek nad Nisou

"The tiniest World festival in the world"

The festival is held under the auspices of the mayoress of Chotyně, Mrs. Jana Mlejnecká
and the mayor of Hrádek nad Nisou, Mr. Martin Půta.

Festival, which celebrates 10th year anniversary, presented countless number of famous local groups along with interesting finds of independent scene and the world music genre. Performances of contemporary theatre, pantomime, scenic dance etc., make unique atmosphere, because of the accent to dramaturgic and conceptional interpretation of the festival. Grebštejn World Fest starts (as usual) in the beginning of autumn in area of beautiful Grabštejn Castle, close to Czech €“ Polish €“ German borders.

Refreshment is provided in the garden stalls and in the castle café. Food is not only traditional and tributary to the festival (sausages, goulash, Svijany beer, fizzy drinks...), but also vegetarian, including the tea-room..

Dogs (not even the ones on the leash) and other (pet) animals are not allowed in the castle court. By the reason that the area of the castle is smaller than one can estimate, this ban is inevitable for our mutual safety. Enough space for your animal friends is available in the castle vicinity. Thank you.

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